GB Whatsapp Official | 100% Anti-Ban Updated Download 2021 for Apk, ios, pc What is GB WhatsApp WhatsApp chatting application is becoming a part of our life, we always depend a lot on it. It has the number of new and characters of new functions and features as same as the primary WhatsApp but these new features which will make you more satisfied while chatting or doing anything. For message transferring information, we do a lot on whatsapp apps. But the features are very limited tak hoti to fill this gap, so we have another great app called name   GBWhatsApp . When we compare the   to the original WhatsApp, we see a slight difference, but the features of   GB WhatsApp   are more amazing. This app is free, the most advanced version of this   GB WhatsApp   is available on the download page. GBWhatsapp.App GBWhatsapp                     » Details OS Apk, iOS, PC Version                        V17.8 Size 55.2MB Last Updated :        24 Hours a Day Hindi Support